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OC Smug Meeting July 2011 – John Mireles   Leave a comment

“The most important things that a photographer should carry are her/his feelings and emotions, because you can make a great picture with your soul, not your eyes. You can’t make images that affect others if you aren’t in some way affected while making them.” ~Brenda Tharp

That is one of my favorite quotes. It was also very fitting to the OC Smug Meeting in Costa Mesa that I went to last night where the speaker was John Mireles and the topic was on “Getting The Clients You Want And The Money You Dreamed Of“. He basically discussed how to stay true to yourself…how to make your work unique and stand out from the rest. You can follow the latest trends and have all the latest camera equipment, but your personal vision has to come from your heart.

A SMUG is a place where you can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share your passion. It’s also how we can tell you what’s  happening in our world and discover what’s happening in yours. SMUGs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to your creative arsenal.


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Riverside & IE SmugMug – Studio Lighting Workshop   Leave a comment

I attended the Riverside & Inland Empire SmugMug meeting this afternoon in Rivserside, CA where the topic was on Studio Lighting. It was more of a photographic educational workshop than just a meeting.

One thing I learned from this workshop was that “cowboy studios” (a type of wireless flash/light trigger) were incompatible with my hotshoe converter (thanks to Sony for being different from Canon and Nikon). Pocket wizards (another type of wireless flash/light trigger) work just fine with my hotshoe adaptor. Some things just aren’t meant to be! But nevertheless, learning about studio lighting is fun and I can learn how to direct models better when using studio lights. This makes me want to go get some pocket wizards and studio lighting so I can experiment some more. Who wants to play with me?

Dalton in left photo and Lisa in right photo.

OC Smug Meeting Feb 2011 – Matt Saville   Leave a comment

After the mini-photog shootout at Irvine Park on Thursday evening, we moved onto the OC Smug meeting at the Outdoor Education Center that was within the park. The speaker was Matt Saville and the topic was “Key Elements That Make Up A Beautiful Portrait”. This was a fun and very interesting topic to listen to. I’m still learning composition, but it also helps that I’m more aware of the surroundings and background to make a better portrait. I left feeling very inspired and I can’t wait to use some of these elements in my next photo shoot.

OC Photo Club Meeting – July 2010   1 comment

I attended the OC Photo Club meeting at the Heritage Park Library in Irvine, CA yesterday evening. Chris Diset and Kerry Garrison were the speakers and the topics were on “manual flash” and “portrait retouch in Lightroom 3”. While I had a general idea how to use the manual flash, I still learned some things about it. I also don’t have Lightroom 3, but I learned some things about that too.

Now, I’m off to experiment with the flash and take some test shots on my dog.

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Knowing Your Niche In Photography   Leave a comment

I attended a photography workshop in Seal Beach, CA on Monday that was hosted by the SoCal Photog Shootout group on facebook. The different genres of photographer covered were “weddings”, “babies”, “families”, “seniors” and “commercial/editorial”. There were about 50 photographers and we broke off into smaller groups. Each group rotated into different genres so that everyone would get a chance to photograph each type and from this, each photographer would learn what she/he enjoyed and like the most. The photographer leaders were Amber Fox (seniors), Joe and Mirta Barnet (weddings), John Mireles (commercial/fashion), Bobby Brown (families), and Jen Disney (babies). I think “babies” was my absolute favorite.

The wedding couple were Crystal and Tony. The fashion model was Evan Harney. The family was Robert and Heather & sons. The baby models were Kaya, Rhett, Dylan and Austin. The seniors were Richard and Hanna. The make up and hair accessories were provided by Nicole Enjoli. Bouquet was provided by French Buckets.

Wedding: Tony and Crystal

Family: Robert and Heather & sons

Babies: Kaya

Babies: Rhett

Seniors: Hanna

Seniors: Richard

Contracts For Clients   Leave a comment

I attended a seminar yesterday evening that was hosted by Nancy Ramos from the Photo Sharp Shooters group on facebook. The speaker was Daniel X. Nguyen and he discussed the important points of a contract. Daniel was (and currently still is) an attorney and his specialty was in business law, so a very impotant topic such as this coming from him was very useful, valuable, and informative.

While I do have a contract for my clients, this lecture was very much needed in helping me work on my contract better and have a better understanding.

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Business Essentials – Marc Weisberg

I attended a meeting yesterday evening. The speaker was Marc Weisberg and the topic was on Business Essentials. He covered how he ran his photography business to help those who attended, get a better idea how a business would be run. There were some things that I had already learned from the meeting on the night before, however, there were many more things that I learned last night. It’s nice to learn new information because I think it will help me run business.

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