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I recently had a pleasure to work with Anjannet and her family for a maternity session. They are seven months along and are expecting a girl!

To see more photos from this session, click here to visit.


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Knowing Your Niche In Photography   Leave a comment

I attended a photography workshop in Seal Beach, CA on Monday that was hosted by the SoCal Photog Shootout group on facebook. The different genres of photographer covered were “weddings”, “babies”, “families”, “seniors” and “commercial/editorial”. There were about 50 photographers and we broke off into smaller groups. Each group rotated into different genres so that everyone would get a chance to photograph each type and from this, each photographer would learn what she/he enjoyed and like the most. The photographer leaders were Amber Fox (seniors), Joe and Mirta Barnet (weddings), John Mireles (commercial/fashion), Bobby Brown (families), and Jen Disney (babies). I think “babies” was my absolute favorite.

The wedding couple were Crystal and Tony. The fashion model was Evan Harney. The family was Robert and Heather & sons. The baby models were Kaya, Rhett, Dylan and Austin. The seniors were Richard and Hanna. The make up and hair accessories were provided by Nicole Enjoli. Bouquet was provided by French Buckets.

Wedding: Tony and Crystal

Family: Robert and Heather & sons

Babies: Kaya

Babies: Rhett

Seniors: Hanna

Seniors: Richard

Maternity and Children Portraits   1 comment

This past Sunday, I attended a photography event with the L.A. Shoot This! photog group. The theme of the photography event was “maternity, babies, and children”, although there were also adult models there. Except for the expecting parents, I didn’t work with the adult models. There were several children there, but I didn’t get a chance to photograph a lot of them either. I did enjoy the ones that I got a chance to phogoraph though. This event made me want to do more “messy kids” photos, so now I’m on a mission to find parents who are willing to let their kids get messy for photos!

The cake and cupcakes were ordered by Tamara Young, a photographer, and she ordered them on

This is three year old Alice:

This is three year old Sophia:

This is John and Phung. They are expecting their baby in September.

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