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L.A. Shoot This! – January 2012   Leave a comment

I recently attended an event for the L.A. Shoot This! photography event which was held at Studio OC in Fountain Valley, CA and hosted by Joelle Leder. The theme for the event was Valentine’s Day – Red, White & Pink with a twist of sweetness, vintage and love. Kerry Garrison from and was at the studio to inform and educate photographers on basic studio portrait lighting.  Hair Stylist by Kreisson and Make Up Artist By Denise.



Models seen in the photos below were Devon, Drew, Ryan, and Mera. More photos from the L.A. Shoot This! event can be seen here.


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OC Smug Meeting Feb 2011 – Matt Saville   Leave a comment

After the mini-photog shootout at Irvine Park on Thursday evening, we moved onto the OC Smug meeting at the Outdoor Education Center that was within the park. The speaker was Matt Saville and the topic was “Key Elements That Make Up A Beautiful Portrait”. This was a fun and very interesting topic to listen to. I’m still learning composition, but it also helps that I’m more aware of the surroundings and background to make a better portrait. I left feeling very inspired and I can’t wait to use some of these elements in my next photo shoot.

Mini Photog Shootout – February 2011   Leave a comment

On Thursday evening, I attended a mini photog shoot out at the Irvine Park in Orange, CA. There were several photographers and models who broke into several small groups. I was only able to photograph Everlyn because I was having a nice time working with her. In this group with Everlyn, we were working on natural light while the other group worked on wireless trigger and flashes. I didn’t bring all of my flash related equipment, so I wasn’t able to work with that group. Everlyn is modeling for fun, so she doesn’t have a portfolio or website of her own. To see more photos that I took of her, click here.

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P.S. I Love You Foundation: Day At The Beach 2010   Leave a comment

I was a volunteer mentor for the P.S. I Love You Foundation who organized “A Day At The Beach” for at-risk kids from low-income families and shelters.

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Knowing Your Niche In Photography   Leave a comment

I attended a photography workshop in Seal Beach, CA on Monday that was hosted by the SoCal Photog Shootout group on facebook. The different genres of photographer covered were “weddings”, “babies”, “families”, “seniors” and “commercial/editorial”. There were about 50 photographers and we broke off into smaller groups. Each group rotated into different genres so that everyone would get a chance to photograph each type and from this, each photographer would learn what she/he enjoyed and like the most. The photographer leaders were Amber Fox (seniors), Joe and Mirta Barnet (weddings), John Mireles (commercial/fashion), Bobby Brown (families), and Jen Disney (babies). I think “babies” was my absolute favorite.

The wedding couple were Crystal and Tony. The fashion model was Evan Harney. The family was Robert and Heather & sons. The baby models were Kaya, Rhett, Dylan and Austin. The seniors were Richard and Hanna. The make up and hair accessories were provided by Nicole Enjoli. Bouquet was provided by French Buckets.

Wedding: Tony and Crystal

Family: Robert and Heather & sons

Babies: Kaya

Babies: Rhett

Seniors: Hanna

Seniors: Richard

Fun At The Park   1 comment

I attended a photography event this weekend and it was at Craig Park in Brea, CA. It was also hosted by Joelle Leder from L.A. Shoot This! group.

The models were Rachel Amara, Lindsey Cloud, Devon Ligus, Chelsea Tados, Mera Zero, Ashley Rush, Maite Imbert, JK Delapp, Dean Karasinski, Harper Allen, and Evan Harney. Make up and hair styling was provided by Michelle Cheng, Julia Cheng, Sheena Rush Roark, Jamie Elise & Reanna Rozunko.  Fashion styles were provided by Rachel Amara, Sharon Kohout & Marissa Pipitone. And the group leaders were Kerry Garrison, Allen Taylor, Derrick Yazzie, Lloyd Graves, Isaac Trotter, Stephanie Albao & Sarah Caperton. SPEAKER – Kerry Garrison with & OC Photo Club.

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We also had red velvet cake that was provided by

The models wore vintage style outfits as well as high fashion outfits. I was only able to photograph three models in the allotted time and they were:




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Mock Vintage Wedding   1 comment

This past weekend, I attended a “Mock Vintage Wedding” workshop on a private property in the wine country of Temecula, CA. Temecula is known for its wine country, but you wouldn’t know that when you’re driving through from the highway unless you were an avid wine drinker, a frequent visitor or a Temecula resident. Thanks to Nikki Evans for putting this event together!

Location Provided by Dave Perez
Hair Stylist Provided By Crystal Roberts
Make Up Provided By Kimberly Bragalone
Flowers Bouquet Provided By Rebecca Castillo Flores
Hair Accessories Provided By Heather Molina
Wardrobe Provided By La Boutique Consignments

All in all, it was a great day and I had a lot of fun! All the models and vendors did a great job! The location and wardrobe were also great!

At the end of the day, Nick Gruber (one of the photographers who attended) had a raffle drawing for the photographers. The winner got a free hardcopy of “Noise Ninja“. Guess who won? Yours truly, me! Thanks, Nick. I’m excited to use it for my photos!


Alex and Megan:


Alicia and Brandon who are a real married couple:

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