About Me

I’m Anastasia from Los Angeles, CA and I’m a Sagittarius. I enjoy most genres of music and I can listen to almost anything if it fancies me, however, I mainly listen to alternative/hard rock music and hip hop-rock music. I love to sing along with high energy music (i.e. “I don’t care” by Fallout Boy and “Pitiful” by Blindside) and get animated when I do my semi-dancing in the car. I also love pizza, homemade spaghetti and chili cheese hot dog. I love to run and I have done five half marathons since December 2006. Running is my choice of “drugs”. I also have a second degree black belt and 15 years of experience in martial arts. I promise I don’t bite! I also have a three and a half year old Terrier dog, named Kiko. My dog is a girl and she was adopted in October 2008. She is a spoiled little girl, but she’s pretty well-behaved for the most part!

I started photography and shot landscapes, nature, and wildlife for five years, using a Sony P&S (point and shoot) digital camera. I upgraded to a Sony DSLR camera in April 2009 and started photographing people. My main interests are in weddings and portraits photography. I absolutely love photographing couples, married or not. I also love photographing children. Children and couples always seem so happy to me and I love to capture that! Sometimes, I will photograph other people’s dogs.


Posted February 20, 2010 by Anastasia

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