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I attended a photography event this weekend and it was at Craig Park in Brea, CA. It was also hosted by Joelle Leder from L.A. Shoot This! group.

The models were Rachel Amara, Lindsey Cloud, Devon Ligus, Chelsea Tados, Mera Zero, Ashley Rush, Maite Imbert, JK Delapp, Dean Karasinski, Harper Allen, and Evan Harney. Make up and hair styling was provided by Michelle Cheng, Julia Cheng, Sheena Rush Roark, Jamie Elise & Reanna Rozunko.  Fashion styles were provided by Rachel Amara, Sharon Kohout & Marissa Pipitone. And the group leaders were Kerry Garrison, Allen Taylor, Derrick Yazzie, Lloyd Graves, Isaac Trotter, Stephanie Albao & Sarah Caperton. SPEAKER – Kerry Garrison with & OC Photo Club.

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We also had red velvet cake that was provided by

The models wore vintage style outfits as well as high fashion outfits. I was only able to photograph three models in the allotted time and they were:




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  1. Hi anastasia- your photo of the cake made me want some more!

    Love your shots of Rachel with the parasol – nice job. I couldn’t get my exposure right with those. 🙂 Thanks for being in my group- it was so much fun!

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