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On Sunday, I went to a workshop on “Getting To Know Big Lights”, basically large lights that were used in photography studios. Eventually, I will have to learn how to use these big pieces of equipments. Efren Beltran was the lead photographer and speaker for this workshop and taught us how to use such lights. He is an experienced wedding Photographer from Southern California and he has a vast experience with shooting in Studio and on location for fashion based work. His work is clean yet edgy combing the use of shadow and light to create dynamic images.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my own pocket wizard or an adaptor that was compatible with other photographers’ pocket wizards. So I had to wing it with the indoor portraits and made due with ambien lighting. I still learned something regardless. We moved on to outdoor portraits where I felt more at ease. While we did use a strobe light for the outdoor portraits, I was able to use my external flash and make it work with the strobe light based on what I learned from “wireless flash photography” lesson that I had in March! Or at least, I think it worked in this case. So, I didn’t feel totally left out at this workshop or like I wasted my time/money at the workshop.

Danielle was one of the models and Dalia Garcia was the make-up artist/hair stylist for the workshop. I was only able to photograph Danielle.



Posted May 18, 2010 by Anastasia in Photographic Education, Portraits

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