Steven And Pam’s Prom   1 comment

It’s that time of the year for prom season. Many Juniors and Seniors dress up in formalwear for a night of fun. Do you want to have standard/generic/same-as-everyone poses? No way! You plan to have fun during your prom night, don’t you? Why not have take fun photos too?!

I met up with Steven and Pam on Saturday afternoon at Woodbridge Lake in Irvine, CA. It was prom night for them and they were ready to have fun in their pretty clothes as you can see! They were fun to work with and I was glad that they picked this location. It was a very nice and scenic location for any kind of photo session. Anyway, you can see more of their photos at:


Posted May 17, 2010 by Anastasia in Events, Portraits

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