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Kathy and Ken   Leave a comment

I attended a Vietnamese Bride and groom workshop yesterday and it was at Woodbridge Lake in Irvine, CA. It was hosted by Victoria Le from the O.C. wedding photography meetup group. This was the first time that I photographed this kind of mock wedding and I was very interested in attending the workshop. It was fun taking these kinds of photos. Krysten Stephanie who provided the make up and hair style did an awesome job on Cathy. Victoria was an awesome host for organizing this event. The Kathy and Ken were great and a pleasure to work with. I also learned something from the other photographers.

To see more photos from this set:

If you are also interested in learning about the ao dai, click here. In Viet Nam, the ao dai is the traditional dress for women. The ao dai is considered to be an elegant, yet demure garment. Traditionally, long, wide-legged trousers are worn under a high-necked, long-sleeved, fitted tunic with slits along each side. Elegance and classy.


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O.C. Smug Meeting May 2010 – Hanssie Trainor   1 comment

A SMUG is a place where photographers can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share the same passion. It’s also how photographers can tell others what’s happening in each others’ world and discover what’s happening in others. SMUGs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to their creative arsenal.

I attended the O.C. Smug meeting in Costa Mesa, CA last night. The speaker was Hanssie Trainor and the topic was on “How To Be ‘YOU-nique’ In Your Business Without Making It All About YOU”. This was a great topic and it was interesting to learn what a photographer could do to stand out from everyone without being arrogant or putting others down. What one says or does in the public eye is a reflection of that person.

Hanssie also recommend a book called “StrengthsFinder” by Tom Hath. It seems like an interesting read and I will make some plans to purchase it.

After the meeting, we went to Avila’s Rancheritos for dinner. Having lunch/dinner with a group of photographers is always fun.

Mock Vintage Wedding   1 comment

This past weekend, I attended a “Mock Vintage Wedding” workshop on a private property in the wine country of Temecula, CA. Temecula is known for its wine country, but you wouldn’t know that when you’re driving through from the highway unless you were an avid wine drinker, a frequent visitor or a Temecula resident. Thanks to Nikki Evans for putting this event together!

Location Provided by Dave Perez
Hair Stylist Provided By Crystal Roberts
Make Up Provided By Kimberly Bragalone
Flowers Bouquet Provided By Rebecca Castillo Flores
Hair Accessories Provided By Heather Molina
Wardrobe Provided By La Boutique Consignments

All in all, it was a great day and I had a lot of fun! All the models and vendors did a great job! The location and wardrobe were also great!

At the end of the day, Nick Gruber (one of the photographers who attended) had a raffle drawing for the photographers. The winner got a free hardcopy of “Noise Ninja“. Guess who won? Yours truly, me! Thanks, Nick. I’m excited to use it for my photos!


Alex and Megan:


Alicia and Brandon who are a real married couple:

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L.A. Smug Meeting May 2010: Garrett Delph   Leave a comment

A SMUG is a place where photographers can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share the same passion. It’s also how we can tell you what’s happening in each others’ world and discover what’s happening in others. SMUGs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to the creative arsenal.

I attended a Smug meeting at the Global Cafe in Studio City, CA. Garrett Delph was the speaker and the topic was on “Second Shooters”. Garrett described himself as a fellow traveler who was trying to figure it out like the rest of us. He has been shooting professionally for 11 years, owns Garrett Delph Photography and co-owns ShootDotEdit. Garrett also leads the San Diego SMUG. Garrett is an all-around good guy and a veteran working professional.

I learned a lot from this meeting and it was very imformative. Garrett talked about how second shooters should present themselves (appearance and mannerisms), how they should work with the primary photographer and clients, how to avoid duplicate images and gear.

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On Sunday, I went to a workshop on “Getting To Know Big Lights”, basically large lights that were used in photography studios. Eventually, I will have to learn how to use these big pieces of equipments. Efren Beltran was the lead photographer and speaker for this workshop and taught us how to use such lights. He is an experienced wedding Photographer from Southern California and he has a vast experience with shooting in Studio and on location for fashion based work. His work is clean yet edgy combing the use of shadow and light to create dynamic images.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my own pocket wizard or an adaptor that was compatible with other photographers’ pocket wizards. So I had to wing it with the indoor portraits and made due with ambien lighting. I still learned something regardless. We moved on to outdoor portraits where I felt more at ease. While we did use a strobe light for the outdoor portraits, I was able to use my external flash and make it work with the strobe light based on what I learned from “wireless flash photography” lesson that I had in March! Or at least, I think it worked in this case. So, I didn’t feel totally left out at this workshop or like I wasted my time/money at the workshop.

Danielle was one of the models and Dalia Garcia was the make-up artist/hair stylist for the workshop. I was only able to photograph Danielle.


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Steven And Pam’s Prom   1 comment

It’s that time of the year for prom season. Many Juniors and Seniors dress up in formalwear for a night of fun. Do you want to have standard/generic/same-as-everyone poses? No way! You plan to have fun during your prom night, don’t you? Why not have take fun photos too?!

I met up with Steven and Pam on Saturday afternoon at Woodbridge Lake in Irvine, CA. It was prom night for them and they were ready to have fun in their pretty clothes as you can see! They were fun to work with and I was glad that they picked this location. It was a very nice and scenic location for any kind of photo session. Anyway, you can see more of their photos at:

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I went to a wedding photography seminar this evening in Temple City, CA. The topic was on “Introduction to Wedding Photography”, and the speakers were Henry Wang and Doug McNamee. The seminar covered pricing, necessary equipment gear, how to get experience and more. I attended several wedding photography workshops where the lead photographers (usually Doug and Henry when I attend these workshops) explained to us how to pose the clients, and which angle to photograph them as well as actual hands-on experience and shoot time. This was the first seminar that I attended where the whole seminar was about the actual business side of wedding photography. Other seminars that I attended, involved the business side of photography in general and touched up on wedding photography. As always, Doug and Henry were great lead photographers who provided a great deal of information and I learned a lot from them.