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Venice Beach   1 comment

I attended an event with the L.A. Shoot This! photography group (on Sunday) over the weekend in Venice, CA. A group of us photographers met with the models in Venice for a “group” photo shoot at the art/graffiti walls, on the beach and surrounding areas within walking distance from the art walls. While it was a mess to find parking because of all the traffic in the area from being so crowded with people everywhere, it was a really nice day and it was so nice to finally take photos of someone at sunset on a beach! The last time I was on a beach and took photos of someone who actually posed for me, it was cloudy and cold at the beach…even though it was sunny and clear two miles away.

While there were nine models on location, I was only able to photograph seven of them. The makeup and hair styling were provided by Michelle Cheng, Shirley Vazquez, and Frank Chen. Jewlery and accessories were provided by JustDaisy Jewlery.

It was a great day and my calf muscles were sore by the end from running  around on the beach!

Left to Right: Chelsea, JK and Tiffanie

Left to Right: Kaylie and Alex



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L.A. Smug Meeting March 2010: Rob Nicholson   Leave a comment

A SMUG is a place where a photographer can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share the same passion. It’s also how everyone can tell their friends what’s happening in their world and discover what’s happening in others. SMUGs are a great way to connect with other photographers and add a few weapons to his/her creative arsenal. SMUGs are always free and open to photographers of all levels.

I attended a Smug meeting at the Global Cafe in Studio City, CA tonight. The speaker was Rob Nicholson and the topic was on “Self-Analysis”, and how to grow one’s business. “One’s strength is only as strong as one’s weaknesses will allow.” It was an interesting topic and I learned something from it. Rob made a very good point that photographers shouldn’t compare themselves to others. By doing this, hinders the photographer(s) and doesn’t help the photographer(s) improve or become successful in this business.

Rachel Amara   1 comment

I met up with a few photographers and model, Rachel Amara, this afternoon for a last minute photography get-together in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I actually worked with Rachel before, last July at my first photography workshop/event with the SoCal Photog Shootout from facebook. You can see some of the old photo work here. I really enjoy working with her.

Anyway…we, the photographers, were experimenting on some flash units and Rachel was gracious enough to model for us. Thanks to Matt Saville who coordinated this get-together and helped us out, I learned a lot about wireless flash! You can see some of Rachel’s new photo set at:

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Laura and Stephen – Engagement Session   1 comment

Laura and Stephen used to live in Los Angeles awhile ago, but moved to San Francisco. They still currently live there, but they also still visit family here in Los Angeles quite regularly.

This weekend, I met with them at the Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles for their engagement session while they were in town visiting family. They were such a sweet couple to work with and I really enjoyed being with them. We did most of the session at Union Station and then finished off the rest of the session across the street near Olvera Street.

You can see the rest of their photo set at:

Their wedding is in July which will also be held here in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to be there!

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